Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Talk: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burke

You never know what someone who you have nothing in common with can give to you. In this case my sister gave me How I Met Your Mother. I was curious about the show because my sister said it was hilarious and she never thinks anything is hilarious. So i checked it out and there he was, Neil Patrick Harris as handsome as ever even though i knew he was gay. There my school was giving parties based on the show, it was destiny.

This is where my next point comes from. I was raised a christian and believe in God with a certainty that doubts cannot destroy, nor science. I know most of the people who dont believe in God are gay or cynics with the "why me?" syndrome. You know the syndrome where God suddenly does not exist because your mother just died of cancer. Anyway, i digress. I looked for a picture with Harris and his partner David Burtka and tried to figure out who was the woman and i concluded that Neil was the one who loved the most and Burtka the one who loved less. I can always tell because in every picture the one who is in love is always looking at the person and the one who is not as much in love looks at the camera. But still i discovered a picture of them kissing and it said at the bottom that Harris had thrown his partner a surprise birthday party and that's why they were kissing.

I thought it would be gross due to the fact that a homosexual relationship to me has always been unnatural due to the fact they cannot procreate. However, it was so sweet i felt tears coming to my eyes. Because even thought it's suppose to be immoral, How can it? How can it be that something so beautiful is repugnant?. There is such rare moments of love nowadays that i have to believe that it is okay for these two to be together. Everything is violence and children killing their parents for video games. And then there is this couple which includes two handsome men who have two children and have the sweetest love that was captured in only one kiss by a magical photographer and... i have to believe this is how life balances itself out. I admire them because they have sweet love and probably love harder than any heterosexual couple because they have to fight harder to keep it. I hope Neil spends his entire life with his partner and i hope that this type of love is not really destined for destruction. I LOVE YOU NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

I THINK THEY ARE LEGEN...WAIT FOR IT...DARY! (freeze frame high five...what up!)

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